Photography has long been a hobby of mine, but one that I've recently scaled back the time I spend with it, not to mention the gear I carry for it. My Flickr account has been neglected of late, overlooked in favor of quick-and-dirty uploads to Facebook, but I'm working to correct that. This page contains just a few of the sets of photos I've taken over recent years. I no longer carry the tripod and bulky SLR you might see me with in the photos from Utah, having jettisoned the heft for a less conspicuous and vastly more packable Canon G10 two years ago. The photos from the three other slideshows were all taken with the G10.

Mount St. Helens
Mountain biking on the side of a volcano during the Helens Fest mountain bike advocacy weekend in 2010. Photos taken from Smith Creek epic loop and along the Butte Camp trail near the Loowit Trail.

South Korea
Photos from an eleven day trip to South Korea in 2009. Photos are from Seoul, Gangjin, Busan, and Gyeongju. Kristin and I were there as guests of the mayor of Gangjin and to visit with an exchange student we hosted earlier that year.

Photos from a brief six day trip to Japan in January of 2009. Had two days of meetings in Osaka at Platinum Games concerning the strategy guide for their game Madworld, then travelled to Kyoto for several days of siteseeing with my editor.

Utah's Canyon Country
Took a ten day multisport trip to southeastern Utah in 2007. Photos are from Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Natural Bridges National Monument, and Lake Powell. Spent three days soloing the Kokopelli's Trail from Fruita, CO to Moab, UT also.