Guidebook Giveaway: Blue Dragon Plus

I spotted copies of my guidebook to Blue Dragon Plus (Nintendo DS) in the store over the weekend and that could only mean one thing: my box of author's copies should be arriving any day now. That, and it means it's time for the first Guidebook Giveaway of 2009!

Blue Dragon Plus is a combination tactics-style RPG and real-time strategy game that makes excellent use of the Nintendo DS's capabilities. You needn't know anything about the previous Blue Dragon  game in order to enjoy this one (I didn't, and I wrote the guidebook), though it certainly couldn't hurt. There is a bit of a learning curve to understanding how the game functions between the Route Map and the Battle Screens, an aspect of the game I tried to cover extensively in the book.

I'm giving away three signed copies of the book to the first three people who email me about it. Please include your name, address, and the lead character Shu's famous catchphrase. The first three to send me the correct catchphrase will receive the books as soon as my copies arrive.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any copies of Bioshock? Dom's co-worker is a huge fan of the game and when he heard you wrote it he was interested in getting a copy. Let me know. If not, not a huge deal.

Doug Walsh said...

Gave those all out a while ago. Sorry.