Maybe I Didn't Need That Gamefly Subscription After All

There are numerous juicy bits of gaming goodness coming out on XBLA in the coming weeks, not the least of which are Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, Peggle, and Pearl Jam's debut album "Ten" for Rock Band 2.

I recently renewed my subscription to Gamefly so that I could enjoy the wonders of SFIV, H.A.W.X., and F.E.A.R. 2 without having to do my best A.I.G. and ask Obama for a hand-out (yes, acronyms are definitely "in" this season). But now that I have, I realize it was unnecessary. Instead of having no time to play retail games I buy, now I just don't have time to play the ones I rent. Sure, I'm saving money by paying just $15/month to Gamefly instead of $60 for a retail copy, but with Gears of War 2 still occupying my time along with Scene-It:BOS and the aforementioned XBLA titles coming soon, I'm not sure I really need to play many retail games.

It's rather odd, actually. I actually enjoy playing many of the XBLA titles more than I do the "blockbuster" retail ones. I suppose my job has something to do with this. Something to ponder while I sit on the chairlift at Whistler this weekend. RG will be on hiatus until Monday, when I hope to regale you with my first-hand impression of the 2010 Olympic Men's Downhill run and other niceties of North America's best ski resort.

I'll try not to cause an international incident, but I can't promise anything. Have a good weekend.

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I hope you have a great time.