Deciphering Your Xbox Stats Email

So I got an email today from Microsoft detailing my own personal usage stats for March, 2011. But before I share with you a bit of my own time with the system, allow me to show off my avatar's new pant. No, I didn't forget to make it plural.

Behold the Plaid Attack!

Yes, it's a hideous concoction (though he seems to look perfectly dressed when sitting at the table in the new Full House Poker game). Think what you will about his appearance, what everyone wants to know is where did I get my pant. Well, it's actually an unlockable item in the new version of "You Don't Know Jack." Each episode in YDKJ has a sponsor-themed wrong answer. Answer incorrectly (by accident or intentionally, it doesn't matter) and happen to choose that right wrong answer during the show and you get a prize. My fabulous pant was provided by a world famous designer of high-fashion pant and slack.

Now, about those stats. First, the fine print says that the personal data is current as of March 22, 2011. The gameplay information is for the month of February, 2011. So right off the bat we can already tell that these stats are probably more confusing than necessary. Hopefully MS can find a way to generate month-end stats for both personal data and gameplay information (and get them out in a more timely manner), though the only thing that really changes with the former is your Gamerscore.

According to the email, my Gamerscore was 37,170 when the report was generated. My current Gamerscore is 38,525, but I've only unlocked another 100 or 200 points since the middle of March, so this tells me that the Gamerscore data contained in the email is, like the gameplay information, only current through the end of the month of February. In other words, everything about this email is essentially a month old. The more current personal data is little more than the date I joined  Xbox Live (11/26/03) and when my membership expires.

So, on that note, here's what my February looked like with Xbox Live.

February, 2011 (Enduro)
Total time on Xbox Live: 37 hours 36 minutes.
Most frequent Activities: Netflix, Mafia II, EA Sports Active 2.
  • Netflix: 10hrs, 49min
  • Mafia II: 8hrs, 02min
  • Active 2: 4hrs, 20min
I suspect March's report will be dominated by Monopoly Streets and Full House Poker as those two games dominated recent time with the system, not to mention I was out of town for 9 days for work. Unless Kristin was binging on movies or doing the Active 2 workout every night, I doubt either of those activities will crack the top three in March.

Other interesting tidbits from the email:
  • Highest confirmed USA Gamerscore: 894,540
  • Average Gamerscore among Gold subscribers: 7,282
  • Average Gamerscore among free members: 1,083
  • Most common Achievement: "VIP" in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Oh, and speaking of Monopoly Streets and Full House Poker, if you are even a mild fan of either Monopoly or Texas Hold 'Em style poker, than I highly recommend you pick them up. They are both excellent recreations of the traditional games and both feature excellent single player as well online multiplayer options.


Jessica said...

I played the IDKJ demo and saw the special wrong answer - one was a bowl for cutting your hair haha. I'd like to get that game. The demo was fun - good party game.

Doug Walsh said...

The game is $30 and it's pretty good. The price of the DLC expansion packs is ridiculous though, and the game is a bit poorly set up so that no matter how many right questions you get, it almost always comes down to the final round. Also, the episodes repeat EXACTLY as you last saw them, they don't even shuffle the answers. It's possible to simply remember the letter of an answer and buzz in the split-second you see the question.

It's a good game, and not bad value for $30, but there's definitely room for improvement.