Leave it to the tri-geeks to come up with the cool new gadgets...

For anyone who has ever wrestled with ways of keeping electrolyte capsules dry from sweat and rain while participating in endurance sports, there's a great new way to carry them called SaltStick. Think of it as a Pez-like dispenser that holds a half-dozen salt capsules (Na, Cl, Mg, K, and Ca) but also fits inside your handlebars or on your Fuel Belt. Simply turn the red knob on the end of the SaltStick and it spits out a capsule then automatically closes back up.

I used to keep my salt capsules in an empty tic-tac container but they were pretty hard to get out while biking, but this just seems perfect. There's a pretty informative video on the SaltStick main page that goes over why you need to ingest additional electrolytes (i.e. why Gatorade alone isn't enough) and how the SaltStick works.

You can be sure that my new bike will have a SaltStick installed in one, if not both ends of the handlebars before I head to Utah to ride the Kokopelli Trail in the spring.

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