They Better Win

Two weeks ago it was a snowstorm and a three-hour drive home.

Tonight it's a massive wind and rain storm with gusts hitting 80 mph or more in some areas and sustained winds in the 40-50 mph range. And rain. Several inches of the wet stuff and several feet of it in the mountains.

A perfect night for a ballgame! Tonight's game between the Seahawks and 49ers gives the Seahawks a chance to win the NFC West and for them to move a slight bit closer towards possibly rallying back and securing one of the top two seeds. Although it's unlikely with San Diego looming large on the schedule.

If you live locally, turn on Fox and enjoy the game. If you live outside the Seattle (or San Francisco) area then tune into the NFL Network tonight cause you're going to see football played in some pretty wild conditions. Which unfortunately isn't what the Seahawks need right now because the 49ers bring the league-leading rusher to town and the Seahawks have struggled to stop the run all season. In fact, the last time these two teams met this season Frank Gore torched them for over 200 yards on the ground.

Accuweather's blurb about tonight's weather:

Storms that hit the Northwest this time of year can be extremely powerful
and quite destructive, rivaling the strength of a Category 3 hurricane.
Certainly they are much bigger than any hurricane ever was, sometimes impacting
a vast area from California all the way to Alaska. On Jan. 29, 1921, one of
these monsters hit the Washington coast with winds over 100 mph. It has forever
since been remembered as the Great Blowdown due to all the trees that were
destroyed. It was estimated that three to seven billion board feet of timber was
blown to the ground and left in shambles. This week, one of these powerful
Pacific storms hit Tuesday night with winds gusting over 100 mph on the coast
and through some mountain passes. A storm of equal strength will give the region
another sound thrashing Thursday night.

And a map for those who prefer pictures to text.

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