New Posts Coming...?

Sorry for the delay in posting of late. I arrived home from Colorado on Monday morning and turned around to fly to North Carolina on Wednesday for work. I found out about the business trip somewhere outside of Yakima, Washington nearly 3 hours from home on Monday's drive.

I was intending to type up a few posts on the flight, but the elderly non-english speaking lady in the middle seat next to me sort of spilled into my seat. Lowering the tray and busting out the laptop would have only made an uncomfortable position worse. And her sweater itched like insulation.

Anyway, after dodging a Hertz extortion of nearly $900 to rent a Chevy Cobalt for a week (does the car even retail for that much?) I finally was able to get some food, pick up my friend Jim who flew in separately Wednesday night (he's here to lend his expertise in a supporting role on the project) and get checked in.

Thursday: We met our contact at Company X at 8am and worked virtually non-stop until 1am. Actually, we did stop for lunch and dinner, but only because the waitress at the Carolina Ale House looks like a thinner, younger Tina Fey. Of course with the 30 Rock glasses. And we'll, I'm a sucker for nice scenery.

Today, well, it's nearly 1am here on the east coast and I'm back in the hotel room. We didn't put in too many hours today. Only 9am till midnight. But hey, I "just play games for a living" so I don't expect any sympathy.

Enough about me, I have a few things to post about which I hope to do tomorrow sometime (or perhaps on Sunday). First, I want to write about the book A Thousand Splendid Suns which Kristin and I listend to during the 2,849 miles we drove to and from Colorado. I also want to post about the trip outside of Leadville.

Subsequent posts will include titles with but are not limited to the following names:

A Restaurant Hostage Crisis
I Think It's Raining
Full Moon Rising
The Orlando of the West

and everyone's favorite, "What Would You Say You Do Here?"

But first, I need some damn sleep.

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Criscipline said...

A Thousand Splendid Suns is next on my list - I hope you say it was good. I heard it was.