Big Time Bummer

The Japan trip has been canceled. There's a chance we go in the summer, but I would say there is little to no chance of me going in December as planned. The developers we were going to be meeting with had winnowed down the meetings from two solid days of discussion in Osaka to 1 day in Tokyo to 3 hours in Tokyo... as they were getting ready to go to a party.

Not exactly worth the company's time and money to fly us halfway around the world for a three-hour meeting that could probably be accomplished over email. I'm bummed, as I was really looking forward to meeting these guys (creators of some of my favorite games) and, naturally, sight-seeing in Kyoto and Nara would have been cool (had my hostel stays already booked), but I understand. It just doesn't make any sense.

They have two games coming out in 2009, one in February and the other in September. Both are going to be pretty cool, but the September title is going to be huge so that's the one we'll hopefully go to Japan to meet about.

Oh well, I might not be going to Japan in 2 weeks as planned, but all of that time I spent with my nose in the guidebook at least improved my sense of Japanese geography.

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jeff c. said...

Sorry Doug, sounds like you were looking forward to it.