Guidebook Giveaway: Gears of War 2

It's that time again, I have a box of strategy guides for Gears of War 2 sitting here and I'm going to give away three signed copies to the three lucky people whose names I draw from a hat on Friday. I co-wrote this book on-site at Epic Studios (specifically the multiplayer coverage) back in August and if you're interested in securing a copy for yourself, then shoot me an email between now and Friday.

The book is massive (302 pages) and we packed over a hundred pages worth of maps and strategy into the guide just for the multiplayer portion of the game! There's also a fold-out poster with some pretty awesome artwork and all of the biographical info from the in-game collectibles.

I'll be out of town until Friday but will pick the winners when I get home so look to your inbox Friday night to see if you won. Good luck.


Erica said...


I have a friend from college (the same friend who I asked you about a Gears of War guide book for) who would really love the Gears of War 2 guide. Let me know if you can do anything. He'd be willing to pay for it i'm sure. He was asking me about it the other day and I said I'd let him know what I heard. Just drop me an email to let me know. Thanks!

Doug Walsh said...

No problem, Erica. I'll have Kristin mail you a copy tomorrow.

*Non-relatives have to enter the contest though. :-)