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I received word from my colleagues on the east coast this morning that...


Now Doug has a new reason to visit Carteret again besides dredging up repressed childhood traumas.

You may recall my reaction to this landmark eatery's closing last year. (Surprisingly, that article is the top response when you Google "Burger Express" and has provided a steady stream of visitors to this site, to whom I say Welcome!)


Criscipline said...


Jon Smo said...

It's still in Carteret but now its by the Police Station (which i live 2 milkes from). I went there last night for the first time and spent 45 min waiting for a Taylor Ham and Cheese. Its really been mobbed since opening.

Just so you dont think im some random person commenting on your blog, I actually attended Lafayette the year after you left and ran cross and track (good ol Julio) and I came across your blog when I was searching for another blog. Funny though because once I left school I got into MTB and race a lot now as well. If I ever make it out there, we will have to go for a ride or something.

Keep up the good work on the blog.

Anonymous said...

this was one of the most exciting events of this year for me.. although it is a bit over priced now.. 9.50 or so for a chicken sandwich fries and a drink.. but the grease is worth every penny when you haven't had it in a few years.. and word on the street is they have a liquor license now for like beer and wine and will have waitress service.. but that could just be hear say

-cousin crystal

ps try coming home for christmas some time b4 i turn 30