The Test

Sitting by the computer, tapping the F5 key over and over waiting for registration for the 2009 Test of Metal to open and wouldn't you know the batteries on my wireless mouse die.

I quickly ran over to Kristin's desk, pushed her chair (with her in it) out of the way and log on with her computer. 

No can do. SQL error... the site is flooded.





I'm in. Where's the registration form? Where is it? The countdown is at 0:00:00 but there's no link!

The phone rings. It's Bob. He can't find the link either. We hang up.



The phone rings again and, again, it's Bob. He found the link, buried in the "Race Details" section of the TOM's website. We anxiously hang up and get typing. I'm registering for two so I feel a bit of added pressure to get this right, since I'd hate to be the reason my riding-buddy Doug C. couldn't race.

I hit submit and I get a white screen. No confirmation. Nothing. I wait, wait, wait, then hit F5. Nothing.

I hastily go back to the entry page and enter all of our info and my credit card number a second time, knowing I might be getting charged a second $150 for nothing. I don't care. I push on and, again, the white screen.

The phone rings. Bob. He's staring at a white screen too. We  vocally shrug our shoulders in unison and hang up.

I wait, wait, wait, then hit F5. A flash of info appears on the screen -- it's a confirmation page and a chance to hit submit one more time for good measure. 

We're in.

Within minutes the emails are flying around and I know of at least 5 of us who got in, and a sixth who I'm told was registering also. We'll have quite a crew heading up to Squamish next June.

And this time I'm breaking four hours!

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Criscipline said...

LOL. My heart was racing reading this. And it was brief which makes it even funnier.