Happy Thanksgiving

Can't believe I forgot to post since Monday. I had so much to write about too. Oh well, I'll catch up tomorrow.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving! Usually, Kristin and I head to the slopes to go snowboarding on this particular holiday since our families are both back in NJ, but with no fresh snow in nearly two weeks, we decided to do up the whole big turkey-day dinner. I actually started cooking yesterday (after mowing the lawn for what I hope to be the last time of 2005). I made a pumpkin soup, a pumpkin pie, and the star attraction, a cranberry apple pie with a streudel-ish topping. It looks awesome and it was all I could do not to dig into it last night.

Speaking of last night, we walked over to the bistro by our house and sat at the bar and had a light dinner and a few drinks while watching the Gonzaga Vs Connecticut game. Afterwards, I somehow convinced Kristin to spend the night playing videogames with me. After fumbling around with the "Midway's Greatest Hits" disc and realizing that you can't always go home again, we finally wised up and popped in "Test Drive: Eve of Destruction" which has been sinfully ignored by the gaming masses. Not only does the game feature an extremely robust single player career mode, but also 1-4 player split-screen play with a flock of hysterical and entertaining mini-games. We got home from dinner around 9pm, made a pot of coffee, and didn't stop playing Test Drive: Eve of Destruction till 2am. If you ever had a penchant for demolition derby racing, or know deep down in your heart you want to be a member of the "redneck rodeo" then this is the game for you. Most definitely one of the hidden gems of 2005.

You heard it here first.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone... but not to those of you who camped outside a Best Buy for 3 days trying to get an Xbox 360. No soup for you.

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