I'm Married to a Nerd

But a really attractive one.

Kristin scored a 45 on the Nerd Test (see below) which is 17 nerd-points higher than me. But that was to be expected, after all, as she is a biotech geek and was suffering from horrible nerd sydrome when I first met her in 1993. She's come along way under my tutelage but hipness is only skin deep whereas nerdiness goes all the way to the bone.

I'd make a crack about her upbringing here, but I think her family reads this from time to time so I'll refrain. Too late, huh?


Erica said...

It must be genetic, i'm a bigger nerd than both of you. I'm over twice the nerd you are doug! 61 *hangs her head in shame* haha

Jackie (your cousin) said...

I ranked a 67! I'm definitely nerdy, but we all knew that given that I'm devoting my life to research and education. ;-)