Leaving Seoul, Heading South

Just a quick post before heading to the airport to meet our group from Snoqualmie and continue the journey through South Korea. We had a great three+ days in Seoul, which I will certainly be writing about when I get home. From here we head to Gangjin for a couple days with our respective exchange students and their mayor, then Kristin and I will bid goodbye to the group on Saturday and spend our final days in South Korea on our own again, just how we like it.

Seoul isn't a glamorous city and isn't anyplace that you need to spend more than 3 or 4 days in. The markets are incredible, the baseball game we attended was one of the more incredible sporting events I've been to, and, well, the food isn't bad. We did a stiff hike Inwangsan Mountain today to pass by a shaministic temple and gaze out over the city. We sipped tea and ate broiled rice cakes on a flower-lined balcony in the afternoon and we were almost run over by the exact same moped twice in two hours.

Going to miss the metro service, hoping Busan's is of comparable quality.

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