South Korea in Photos

I went through the nearly 1500 photos I took during the 11 days I was in South Korea and of those, 167 made the cut. And as is so often the case, I only really like about 10 of them, but I'm my biggest critic.

Anyway, the photos are in sequential order: four days in Seoul, three days in Jeollanam-do in the southwest corner of the country, then three days on the coast in Busan. I recommend viewing them via the slideshow with the info pane open since I spent the time adding captions to each of them, but I'm sure you can find the way that suits you best.

Here's the link to the set, I hope you enjoy.


Criscipline said...

I think I'm half to 2/3 through the photos and unfortunately I'll need to see the rest later. The photos are absolutely amazing! I have so many favorites and I feel like you don't even need to tell me about the trip (although I'm still eagerly awaiting the three part travel essay) because the photos say so much. I can't wait to show Mike. Mom's coming this weekend so I'm sure we'll look at them together then too. And I'm a sucker for market photos so I liked all of those! How was the silk pupa thing that Kristin ate? That was so much fun (looking at the photos). I'll finish up later.

Doug Walsh said...

Thanks Jess. I was actually reluctant to post the photos for just that reason: but the photos don't tell you how the city smelled, how the food tasted, or what the people were like that.

As I'm learning more and more with each trip, the pretty photos and cultural sites are really a small reason why we travel. There's so much, much more that you can't ever experience through a photo.

Glad you like the photos. Sorry there are so many this time. I cut it down to 202 on my initial pass, then got it down to 167 but didn't want to chop anymore. LOL!