Another Costa Rican Update

It's Thursday now and we've been here at the Villas Sol resort for a couple days for Dan's wedding. Yesterday was The Day and the wedding was very nice. Both Dan and Carrie looked great and we all had a great time.

The day started out on a high note as Dan, Remy, Lou, James, and myself chartered a boat for the day and headed up the coast to surf Witch's Rock and Ollie's Point, two of the most famous surf breaks in the world. Witch's Rock was an awesome sight to see in person and we had the main peak in front of it all to ourselves--there were only a couple other people in the water at a different peak. The waves were good, peeling both left and right with amazing shape and consistency, and were stomach to chest high.

After about 90 minutes there, we headed north to Ollie's Point, not too far south of the Nicaraguan Border. There we caught the incoming tide and had one of the world's premier point breaks to ourselves. Do you believe that? I still don't! The waves were a solid chest high with occasional larger sets and we all caught dozens of the most perfect right-hand waves one can imagine. And thanks to the remoteness of the location (virtually impossible to drive there without hiking for hours) we were the only people in the water.

We've surfed the past three days straight and are relaxing and recuperating today. Despite repeated applications of sunscreen we are all pretty burnt, as we are very close to the equator and it's about 98 degrees every day. In the shade. Tomorrow is an adventure day at Rincon de la Vieja National Park with canopy tours and horseback rides and Saturday I'm driving Kristin, James, and Heather to Arenal National Park to see the volcano while the other folks in our villa go sportfishing. We'll surf Playa Grande or Playa Langosta again on Sunday before returning home.

Time to head to the pool. Have a good week.

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