Fuera de Contacto

My backpack is packed with my tent, sleeping bag, boots, and clothes. I picked up the wide-angle lens I'm renting from Glazer's Camera for the trip (16-35mm f2.8), I have my malaria meds, and I have my fantasy baseball roster set for the week. It's go time. I've decided to forego electronics and won't be bringing the PSP, DS, or even an mp3 player. But instead, I'll just be bringing the 750 page Dark Tower V book to read on the plane, which I've already written too much about last week.

On the off-chance I find myself with a couple minutes at an Internet cafe, I'll post an update, but more than likely it will be a good two weeks before this blog gets updated. Oh, and just in case anyone from BBTC is reading this, I dropped my bike off to get the busted brake lever fixed while I'm gone so the Tiger Mountain Epic ride I'm leading on the 30th is still on!

Pura Vida!

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