Home Again

Two flights, 7.5 hours of air time, and a nearly 4-hour layover in Houston later, we're home. I've only begun to put a dent in the seemingly bottomless digital pile of email I've accumulated during the two weeks I've been gone and I have a rented camera lens to return, dogs to pick up from boarding, and a mountain bike with (hopefully) a newly fixed brake lever to retrieve.

I took hundreds of photos during my time in Costa Rica; many with my Canon Digital Rebel, a ton of snapshots with my Canon A520 point-and-shot, and also quite a few with the Canon 20D that Kristin's boss loaned to me (Kristin brought it with her for the second half of the trip, as he's trying to sell it... hopefully to me). It would have been great if I had the 20D right from the start, as I can only imagine its enhanced exposure sensors and evaluators would have made the very challenging lighting situation atop Cerro Chirripo a bit less, well, challenging.

Nevertheless, I'm going to ease me way back into normal life and will very likely begin writing an essay about my trip later tonight. I'll probably just post a brief photo-column tonight or tomorrow and withhold the main prose until I've had time to reflect on the trip and polish it up a bit. It shouldn't take too long, as I've been taking notes.

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Criscipline said...

Welcome back. I can't wait to hear more about the trip.