And You Thought You Were Having a Bad Day

I'm listening to the Mets vs Phillies game online while working today and Phillies' star second baseman Chase Utley has not only been hit by a pitch three times today (out of his first four at-bats) but he's even been hit in the back with a wild throw while running the bases too!

I've never heard of a guy being hit 3 times in a single game before (two of them were grazes, but they still count) let a lone that same guy getting hit by a wild throw when running to second.

Did he get caught in a compromising position with Mrs. Met?

I suspect some payback is in order from the Phillies pitchers, but with Jamie Moyer on the mound underhanding the ball at 70mph, it's going to have to wait. Payback doesn't really mean as much coming from Moyer.


Erica said...

I took the day off from work today and was at said game. It was pretty the time the 3rd hit came around we were just in awe. By the end we were all boo-ing the Mets....way to start it off strong!

Doug Walsh said...

I was wondering if you and Dom went since it was the final home opener at Shea (I think it was anyway). I heard the crowd booing and can't say I blame you. They stunk it up.

kob said...

I believe stuff like that is done on purpose. Pitcher throws a bad pitch on purpose so the batter has to dodge it. Only some times, they cannot dodge it in time, or choose to take the walk. Pitchers do that to psyche out the batters. The other incident, tagging him while he is running, that was just to finish the job :)