Don't Download Lost Cities

Unless you want to basically waste an entire day playing head-to-head Solitaire.

All times PDT, and approximate.

08:30 - I turn on the Xbox 360 and start the download, I walk away to make coffee.
08:45 - Done with breakfast, I settle in to play through the tutorial.
08:46 - Zombie-like trance begins. I'm a sailor and Lost Cities is the mermaid on the rocks.
09:12 - After a couple of single player games, I jump into the fray for a multiplayer session.
09:13 - WTF? I Quickmatch my way into a 2vs2 game but nobody has microphones so there is no teamwork per se. We lose mightily.
09:25 - I search for 2 player multiplayer games and immediately find some. I play, and play, and play some more. I go 1-4 against live competition, but don't care because I'm totally in lust wth the game.
10:15 - I check to see what the Achievements are and set my sights on a couple I deem "reachable".
11:02 - I unlock my third and fourth Achievments, having secured a score of over 250 points total and over 100 points in a single round.
11:03 - I look at the clock and realize it's already after eleven. Two hours felt like 10 minutes playing this game. I muster all the fortitude I have and quickly turn off the Xbox before I begin repeating the productivity-killing chant of one more game.
11:07 - Upstairs on my computer I settle in to get some work done and find it hard to concentrate. Must play more Lost Cities. Must go on expeditions. Must not get negative points. Must play more Lost Cities.

Heed this warning and heed it well. Do not under any circumstance download this game if you have prior commitments today. You will miss them. This game is strictly for those people with massive amounts of free time and no responsibilities. Sure, individual games last only 10 minutes, but the game takes hours from you. Hours.

Competitive Solitaire. Freaking brilliant!!!

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