Clemens: A Yankee Fan Boils it Down

In case you haven't heard the news, Roger Clemens, the famed pitcher being investigated for steroid use, has now been accused of having a long-term affair with country music singer, Mindy McCready. The accusations, which Clemens has denied, say the relationship began when the singer was just 15 years old. McCready said in a statement today that she can't deny any of the charges. When the sex began is unknown.

A friend of mine who is a life-long Yankee fan summarized the whole sordid situation in the following sentence, a statement that truly gets to the heart of what's important here:

So what if he did some roids as a Yankee - Clemens F'd that 15yr old when he was on the [Red] Sox.

So there you have it, illegal drug use is not as bad as statutory rape. Especially if the accused once played for a rival club.

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