Totten Special Needs Trust

Came across this today. A Seattle area cyclist, and former nuclear engineer with the US Navy, suffered a traumatic brain injury in a bicyle crash back in 2006 and his wife and friends are having an auction to raise money for the continuation of his therapy.

The accident left Jeff in a coma for months. As he was finally making his way back to consciousness, it was apparent that he was paralyzed on his left side, had lost his ability to speak, read, eat and walk on his own.

Now, a year and a half later, Jeff is still in the long term brain injury recovery program. His brain was so severely and universally injured, his rehabilitation needs are vast and varied. He still has left side paralysis which compromises his ability to walk normally. He has significant short term memory problems. Relearning life skills requires an extraordinary amount of repetitive learning and memory exercises. He continues to require physical, occupational and cognitive therapy in his long road of rehabilitation.

Jeff’s care, which includes physical/occupational/speech therapy, brain injury awareness, neuron-cognitive therapy, 24 hour medical care, shelter and food, comes at the cost of $1,000 per day.

You can read the rest of Jeff Totten's story and see the auction items (goes live on May 12th) right here. Many of the auction items are quite luxurious and won't go cheaply, but you just might be able to win yourself a nice treat and do a family some good in the process.

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