The Eyes Have It

I started suffering from very frequent headaches this weekend, something I've only previously experienced when I was dehydrated or jonesing for a caffeine fix. These weren't normal everyday headaches either. The pain was coming from my eyebrows and were triggered by shifting my gaze. Bright lights were very painful, changing focus from near to far induced pain, and looking up, down or to the sides hurt like hell.

To make matters worse, my leg started going numb Saturday night while I sat and worked. I couldn't sit in my chair due to pain spreading through my right femur. It originated up near the pelvis and shot down through my leg to my knee. Sunday I laid on the couch all day, suffering from the headaches and periodic leg numbness. A couple of Aleve sent the pain into hibernation, but it was clear something wasn't right. Stress? A pinched nerve? Tired eyes? I toned down the brightness on my monitors, switched out my office chair, but it was only the Aleve that seemed to do anything.

I just got back from my first eye exam in at least 12 years. As expected, I ended up getting a prescription for computer glasses. My overall vision is good and I don't have any eye disease. I'm a little bit burry when it comes to distant viewing -- a slow deterioration that I've noticed over the years when in the car with Kristin -- so the doctor is giving me a mild prescription to help relax my eyes and just make it easier to handle the long hours I put in in front of the computer.

I can't say I particularly enjoyed trying on different glasses. I never thought I'd see the day. And while I'm almost always wearing sunglasses (light sensitivity and for protection while mountain biking), there is something really odd about trying on glasses with clear lenses. I at once thought I looked quite a bit older. I didn't much care for it.

Insurance picked up the exam and the $200 eye hardware credit is enough to cover the lenses (barely, thanks to the anti-glare coating), but the frame selection was super pricey. I had no idea eyeglass frames were so expensive! I should have them in 7-10 days. I just hope the headaches are minor enough so I could finish this book I'm working on in the meantime.


Maarten said...

That leaves the question of why your leg was going numb. The combo of headache and numbness had me really worried for a moment there. Hope the headaches go away.

Criscipline said...

Maybe it's not your eyes but too much Kuerig brewed coffee.

Keep an eye (get it?) on that leg numbness.

I crack myself up. (*tear)

Jackie said...

I experience all of these symptoms too, sitting at a computer all day. It scares me a lot at times, especially when they happen in my chest or ribs!

Take care!