Operation Nice

Very cool site my sister just forwarded to me: Operation NICE!

Don't you love it when people go out of their way to be nice? Like when someone waits to hold the door for you. Or when a stranger waves you into a line a traffic. Or even when a coworker shoots you a friendly smile along with a "have a nice day." If everyone was a little bit nicer to the folks they encountered each day, perhaps the world would be a more pleasant place. Operation NICE was initiated to remind you that a little NICE goes a long way.

It's essentially a collection of ideas, stories, and videos on how to be a bit nicer to everyone and how, in doing so, you'll make your own life a bit less stressful. Can't argue that.

One of the posts on the site is about a guy in Sydney, Australia who started a "Free Hugs" campaign. Watch the video and have a free smile... and a nice weekend.

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Melissa said...

Thanks so much for posting about my site! I'm really happy that you like it!