Keurig Addendum

Okay, I'm even more excited about this Keurig thing now than I was the other day.

We're going through the K-Cups that came with it pretty quickly (September is my busiest month and I'm averaging 6 K-Cups a day) so I logged onto to make a purchase. Lo and behold, they really do have quite the selection. I also didn't realize this, but Keurig is owned by Green Mountain Roasters, a coffee I have very fond memories of from college.

Allow me to explain...

I was a student at Lafayette College back in 93-97 and, long before Starbucks became a household name, I had a "meal plan" at a little coffee shop off campus in the College Hill neighborhood called Hill of Beans. The shop was owned by a really nice woman -- I tried not to hold her being a Steelers fan against her -- and she always had several carafes of excellent coffee on the ready and would automatically make me a toasted spinach bagle every morning when I walked in. And she always put just the right amount of butter on it. Man, I miss those bagels... and what a great little shop. I probably did the majority of my studying in that place.

Anyway, she only ever brewed Green Mountain coffee and ever since then, that particular brand of coffee has felt like home to me. I don't see it much any more since I now live on the west coast (the namesake Green Mountains, for the geographically challenged, are in Vermont) but just spotting the logo brings back really fond memories.

So this brings me back to the Keurig coffee maker and the K-Cups. Keurig does indeed have a ton of different roasts on their website to offer, but it also has a couple dozen varieties from Green Mountain, which is fantastic. They also have a coffee club that starts out with a 10% discount and free shipping to customers buying 4 or more 24-packs of coffee. You get a single point for every K-Cup in your order and once you've accrued 500 points, you move up to a 15% discount and free shipping.

Our first order consisted of (2) 24-packs, (2) 25-packs, and (2) 5-pack samplers. After the discount and free shipping were factored in, the 108 K-Cups averaged out to just 51 cents a mug.

Not only do I no longer waste any beans on undrank coffee, but the maker is so easy and convenient to use, but my runs to Starbucks have diminished substantially also (the Cuisinart was such a pain to use, I found it more convenient to bicycle the 1/2 mile to the nearby Starbucks). And the replacement is 51-cent mugs of coffee. Good coffee. Ready in a matter of seconds. I couldn't be happier.


***Note: To the employees who work for competing single-cup coffee makers, please save yourself the time and refrain from spamming my comments section with your transparent praise for competing makers. In the future, perhaps you should not have your blogger profile name link directly to your company's website. If you're going to attempt guerrila/viral marketing, you might want to at least attempt to look like an everyday reader and not the shill you really are. That said, if you think your coffee maker is superior to the Keurig, I'd be happy to put a demo model through its paces and post my opinion. Use my email to contact me directly.

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