Fable 2 Guidebook Winners

Thanks to everyone who sent an entry in for the Fable 2 LE Guidebook Giveaway. Nearly everyone got 8 or 9 of the questions correct. The only one people routinely struggled with had to do with the list of vices you can and can't do in Albion. The only one in the list I provided that was impossible in the game was doing drugs. Also, I decided to accept both "Big Blue Box" and "Lionhead Studios" for the second part of the question about Simon and Dene Carter.

That said, the winner of the LE version of the guidebook is Shon Browley. Congratulations.

Signed copies of the standalone Signature Series edition of the guide will also be going out to Debbie, Elmer, and Aubrey. So please email me your mailing addresses so I can get these in the mail to you right away. Thanks again for reading.

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