Golden Day at Greenwater

Finally got back on the bike last Thursday night for a frosty trip around the Thrilla in Woodinvilla course. The light on my NiteRider Rage went dead halfway through the ride, potentially leaving me with 10 miles to ride by LED headlamp if not for Doug C. lending me his 6-volt helmet light to finish the ride at a normal speed (he had an additional handlebar-mounted light). Doug's light wasn't nearly as bright as the HID I typically use, but it was dramatically better than the alternative. Doug reminded me that he has Mondays off so we agreed to get together for a ride today down in Greenwater, near (but not in) Mt. Rainier National Park.

We couldn't have picked a better day. Bright blue skies, bone-dry trails, an empty trailhead, and perfect, low light illuminating the fall colors on the trail. We parked at FR 73 (Sun Top Road) and rode up the Skookum Flats Trail, across Highway 410 to the White River Trail and did and out-and-back up to Corral Pass Road before returning all the way back down the White River Trail.

I slammed the brakes as we were descending back to Highway 410 from the Palisades Trail to take advantage of the light hitting this grove of vine maples. I snapped a couple photos of Doug riding this section then went down the trail so he could get a shot of me coming back up.

Yours truly on the White River Trail.

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Eric Floyd said...

Fall Colors are Awesome this year! Was up at Fromme in Bc today same great colors!