How Not to Enter the 21st Century

I doubt even Jeff Foxworthy himself would have thought to do this.

I was back in New Jersey this past weekend and one of the many highlights of my trip was seeing my mother's new HDTV. She and my step-father had wrung every last static-filled, distorted image they could out of a 25-year old tube television and had finally figured an upgrade was needed. My mother's house is quite small and she likes big furniture so this doesn't leave a whole lot of room for things like televisions. Or people, for that matter, but that's another story for another time. Also, this is probably a good time to point out that my step-father is a bit of a redneck and my mother, well, she's not exactly a fan of contemporary design. Probably the main reason they kept using that old tube television of theirs was because of the wooden cabinet it came in. She hates these newfangled silver and black plastic television frames.

Nevertheless, the time had come to upgrade and they picked out a rather nice Sharp LCD that is, I'm guessing about a 32-inch widescreen. It's a nice tv with a good picture, but it's really hard to hear it. Even with the volume turned up to maximum, it can be very hard to hear.

I think it's because of where they put it...

Like I said, she really likes dem old-timey wooden tv cabinets.

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