Grant Approved!

I'll let the good folks at BBTC, err, Evergreen make a more detailed official announcement to the supporters, but the grant proposal I had written (with some help) for the South Fork Snoqualmie Road-to-Trail Conversion project was approved and awarded maximum funding ($75,000) through the National Recreational Trails Program.

The project is heavily reliant on cooperation with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and the National Forest Service, but securing the grant money and the volunteer committment from mountain bikers was essential for turning this road decommissioning project to a road-to-trail conversion project.

Glad to see the funding will be there. The finished project is still quite some time off (this is just phase 1) but I'm happy to say that the Resource Conservation Office obviously agreed with the case we presented. I spent a considerable bit of time getting the grant proposal together this summer. Nice to see it not go for naught.


-E said...

Congrats and Thanks I am looking forward to this new trail system.

Maarten said...

Congratulations, Doug! Those things are a buttload of work. It's an awesome contribution to the community.