Danube River Photos

After bringing home nearly 4 gigabytes worth of photos, I spent a couple hours each day this week sorting through them all and getting my favorites added to my gallery at Shutterfly. It wasn't easy settling on which to include and which to leave by the wayside, but the final gallery includes 67 images and each have been assigned a descriptive caption.

The 8-day river cruise included stops in the Hungarian capital of Budapest; the Austrian towns of Vienna, Melk, and Linz; and also the German cities of Passau, Regensburg, Kelheim, and Nuremberg. It was my goal to select a collection of images that display the region's scenic beauty, its architecture, and the many famous cathedrals that dot the landscape. I hope you enjoy browsing the gallery and, should you like any of the photos enough to place an order (or simply forward the link to a friend), I thank you in advance.


Happy viewing!

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