X360 Achievements

Came across a couple of cool links regarding the Xbox 360's wonderful Achievements feature. Each game has a series of Achievements in it that earn you GamerPoints, which are displayed along with your Gamertag to everyone playing Xbox Live. It's a brilliant feature because it's a very big source of bragging rights and it's quite easy and quite addictive to compare your own GamerScore with that of your friends.

Well, here's a wonderful site to help you complete all of those elusive Achievements.


Not only is the site well organized, but it's very thorough. They list the requirements for each Achievement in every game out there and even include tips on how to attain them. They even have the Achievements listed for games that aren't even out yet!

And, speaking of Achievements, the f-bombing guys at Penny Arcade have a pretty funny comic up today about that very topic. I stopped going to their site long ago (when excessive profanity replaced wit) but this one is pretty good. Just don't look at it at work.


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