30 Days to Go

That's how many days I have left to prepare for the Leadville 100. Ideally, I'd have tons of base mileage logged and be readying myself for a nice 2-3 week taper leading up to the event. Unfortunately, the word ideally does not carry the same meaning as the words in reality.

The reality is that I'm feeling pretty strong right now (thanks in part to the rather hilly rides i've been doing on my singlespeed lately) and am pretty confident that I could struggle through the 100 miles and finish it, but I've only briefly climbed above 5,000 feet in elevation this year and really don't have the huge bank of miles I would have liked to have had by now. Actually, I should say that I'm confident I'd be able to finish this race if it were at sea-level. But it's at a starting elevation of 10,200 feet and climbs nearly to 13,000.

I feel like a college kid about to cram for a final exam... while simultaneously trying to finish a couple of papers for two other classes.

And the test is in Latin.

But my ride-buddy Erik of Ride, Rinse, Repeat fame posted this video (see below) of the race start and it has me tapping my feet in anticipation. That's a whole lot of riders in that race, probably even more than in the Test of Metal. In 30 days I'll be one of them.

At least the views at the turn-around point will be pretty incredible.

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