Groovin' in the Rain

Last night brought, for me at least, the return of the Tuesday at Tolt rides we often do throughout the year. It also brought the first bit of rain we've had in these parts in over a month or so. We were six-strong and had a fantastic ride. Only one or two brief stops to regroup, then it was onward again at a very nice solid pace.

I seldom ride Tolt in the summer, so the sporadic showers, puddles, and mud made it feel very much like an October or November ride. The only thing that was missing was that I didn't have a few pounds of HID lights hanging off me, and I could still feel my feet. We only covered 9 miles, but it was a fast ride and I came home feeling fresher than ever for tomorrow's RAMROD.

And I'm actually really enjoying the Kona Unit 2-9 singlespeed I bought this past winter. I even made it up IAB except for the part near the tree stump where it's really loose, steep for a few yards. Good times!


In other news, I must give credit where it's due. I was pretty annoyed with Chris King for the problems my hub was giving me, and even moreso at how long it was taken for them to make the repair. Well, I got my wheel back. They replaced the internals of the hub, packed it good and tight with their special sauce, and overnighted it back at no extra charge. I was only charged for the initial shipping of the wheel to them and the stainless steel spindle they put on to replace the aluminum one that my cassettes had torn up. So even though the hub was over a year old, they honored the warranty and refurbished the hub at no cost. And that makes them quite alright in my book.

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