Year of the RPG

For me at least.

I've only written guidebooks for a scant few role-playing games over the 8 years I've been authoring these books, but this year is a whole other story. It's all I've done with the exception of The Club.

My current project is an absolute beast -- great game, but huge -- and it's keeping me from posting much and for that I apologize. If it's any consolation it's also keeping me from bicycling, sleeping, watching Le Tour, doing any volunteer work, and maintaing more than the bare minimum of personal hygiene. It should all end next week (if not, I'm in deep trouble) and once it does, I have not one but TWO other RPG guidebooks to get started on.

Fortunately, neither one of them should take 100 hours to play through.

I'll have a couple of good guidebook giveaways in August though, both of them weighing in at over 200 pages and one should approach 300 pages. Can't say which ones they are just yet, but both are for RPGs, arguably the genre of game most deserving of a strategy guide.

And no, I'm not doing the book for Fallout 3. I wish. But I do expect to update my Bioshock book for the rumored downloadable content for the PS3 version. We'll see...

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