Double-Dose of Good News

Found out that my wheel shipped out today and I should have it by next Thursday, just in time to leave on Saturday for Colorado.

Heard that RAMROD entry was closed and they had notified all of their wait-listed people who got in. If you hadn't heard, you didn't get in. I hadn't heard anything, but logged in to check my status anyway, just in case the email filters ate the confirmation and, sure enough, I was selected.

Next week, RAMROD!

First things first... gotta survive another trip down the Powerhouse Plunge. Have a good weekend everyone; I'll be in BC enjoying the first weekend out of my office since June.


Criscipline said...

Yay! You got in. By the way, I bet on a horse last week named the Ranier Knightmare thinking you'd bring me good luck. I was wrong - he sucked. You owe me $2. WHERE'S MY TWO DOLLARS?! LOL

Doug Walsh said...

Plus tip.