Stop, Drop, and Roll!!!

Been listening to the Foxboro Hot Tubs album Stop, Drop, and Roll!!! almost daily for the past few weeks and am completely comfortable recommending it to anybody who considers themselves a fan of Green Day. Why Green Day, you ask? Because Foxboro Hot Tubs is Green Day.

That's right, it's Billy Joe, Tre Cool, and Mike Dirnt, etc., playing what they call "garage music".

The album is an unmistakable off-shoot of Green Day -- Billy Joe's vocals give it away in seconds, even if you didn't know who Foxboro Hot Tubs were -- but it's not nearly as polished and, dare I say, as mature as their last album American Idiot, which I thought was one of the best albums in recent memory (of any band).

If you're an iTunes kind of person, you can get the 13-track album for $9.99. Check out the free previews for "Mother Mary", "Ruby Room" and "Pedestrian" to get a good feel for the album. I could best describe the sound (something I'm admittedly not very good at) as a sixties-rockabilly translation of older Green Day with a touch of lounge-music thrown in. It didn't blow me away from the first listening like American Idiot did, but it definitely grew on me. Give it a whirl.

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