The First Full Week in September

Some of my mountain biking friends can't believe i would not go riding on a Sunday in favor of staying home and watching football, but we each have to do what makes us happy. And few things make me happier than laying on the couch all day long with Kristin and watching the NFL.

When we moved from North Carolina to the west coast 3 years ago, there were essentially just two things that made adapting a bit tough. First, there was the challenge of flipping my inner-geographer to understand that the ocean is now to the west and the mountains are to the east. I can't tell you how many times my trips to the mountains began with me heading west on the interstate and ending up in downtown Seattle. My second challenge and one that proved harder to overcome, was dealing with the fact that NFL games begin at 10:00am. We are not early risers--we love sleeping in after a late night--but for the NFL? We are up and about by 9 o'clock every Sunday. And now we have a pattern.

9:00 - wake up, brush teeth, shower, and take the dogs out.

9:30 - Kristin makes us french toast for breakfast while I print out our fantasy sports lineups and read the sports page out loud.

9:40 - we eat while watching the Fox pre-game show. Oh how that silly Terry Bradshaw slays me. Kristin wants to have Howie Long's baby. Well, maybe not his baby, but I'm pretty sure she would, well, you know...

10:00 - we retire to the couch, where we use our Sunday Ticket DirecTV subscription to watch as much of every single game there is coast-to-coast. So long as it's in HD. I can't bear to turn off a game in HD to watch one in analog anymore. Unless it's to watch the Seahawks on the local station. Those games are usually pretty ugly no matter what resolution they're being broadcast in.

4:30 - we order a pizza so that we'll be recharged for the ESPN Sunday night game.

8:00 - okay, enough of football for one day, time to watch The Simpsons, that new show with Michael Rappaport (who was awesome in Beautiful Girls -- one of my all-time favorite movies), and The Family Guy.

And then I make another pot of coffee and climb the stairs to my office -- usually with a stomach ache by this time of the day thanks to the crap I've been eating and drinking for 12 hours -- and I try to get some work done.

This will never change. You can set your watch to it.

But wait until after next week if you do, because we'll be camping on the Olympic Peninsula. Oh, and don't set your watch to it the week after that either, because we'll be in Las Vegas. Crap, forget about the first week in October too, as we'll be camping in the Northern Cascades that week. But, dammit, you bettter believe that come October 8th, we'll be on that couch all day just like always.

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