It's Just the Way We Talk

This was also in today's Seattle Times:

Parsippany (N.J.) High's game last Saturday was postponed for 24 hours after a player's father threatened the coach for benching his son because he arrived five minutes late to the team bus, the Newark Star-Ledger reported.

According to police, Robert Stanel told coach Gerry Moore, in front of Moore's staff: "I'm going to ... kill you. ... I'll be coming back for you."

Stanel, in defending his actions, told the Star-Ledger: "I work construction. This is just the way we talk. It's a wake-up call."

Here's another one: Prosecutors have charged Dad with making a terrorist threat, and police guarded the team bench for Sunday's makeup, a 41-14 loss to West Essex.

You know, I actually totally agree with this guy. Sometimes it's really hard to censor yourself -- especially after a hard day on the job. Like just last night for example. I spent a long hard day working on the strategy guide for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and, well, I was kind of fired up. We were out to dinner ordering some sushi and I said to the the sushi chef, "You call that plate a combo? 4 pieces? Get your noob ass back to the valley before I stomp you." My wife was so embarrased but I couldn't help it. It's how we talk at work. Sometimes it's hard to turn off.

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