Sudden Clarity

It's all very clear now why President Bush didn't want to be on the ground in the hurricane-stricken areas until Friday. Obviously, somebody in the Pentagon or with Homeland Security told him days ago that the National Guard's main convoy wouldn't be able to reach New Orleans until Friday.

Bush wanted to make sure that when he did arrive, it looked as if progress was being made. Clearly he didn't want to have to face the questions directly so he stayed away. Why no government officials simply told us it would take 3 days for the National Guard to get there with supplies is beyond me. Sure, some may have still wondered why it took so long, but at least knowing would give people hope and a goal. Nobody likes being left in the dark. Neither literally nor metaphorically.

Either way, the important thing is that they are there now (along with dozens, if not hundreds of buses) and the evacuation can finally get underway. Let's just hope their delays -- be for whatever reason -- hasn't resulted in too many additional deaths.

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