Home From Las Vegas, By Way of Idaho

Kristin had a brief two-day conference to attend in Las Vegas this week and since I had just finished a lengthy project, I decided to tag along with her. This is my excuse for the lack of updates this week. But boy do I have some fun stuff to talk about! Oh, wait, what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, right? We'll see... what fun is that if you can't tell anyone? Which, of course, reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies, "Say Anything" in which Diane says that the reason she told her father that she and Lloyd had sex was because "if I don't tell him, it's like it never happened".

Anyway, instead of coming home with Kristin last night I, instead, flew to Twin Falls, Idaho. Got into the hotel past midnight. Woke up, gave a presentation to the freshmen at a nearby high school, and was back on a plane leaving Idaho by noon. A damn shame, too, because I really was just getting used to the scent of the place. Seriously. As odd as it sounds, a somewhat cozy Old West smell greeted me on the tarmac as I exited the twin-prop and the only way I could describe it was a mix of pipe tobacco, manure, and soil rich in iron.

I have a whole bunch of things to write about, and I'll start in on it tomorrow.

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