Photo Friday #4

'Driftwood Beach'
In honor of the weekend I'm about to spend camping and mountain biking on the Olympic Peninsula, I thought I'd shed some light on a photo I took this time last year out there. This was taken near Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, on the southern tip of Long Beach. Just hours prior to this photo being taken, my wife and I were enjoying a clear, sunny day on a small sandy cove all too ourselves. Temps in the 70's, a cloudless sky, and just a small breeze blowing in from the ocean. And then on our hike to the lighthouse, the fog rolled in from the nearby Columbia River mouth and the sky went flat white and visibility shrank by the minute. Normally, I wouldn't bother with the camera with such a drab, featureless sky such as this, but I was drawn to the pair of tiny trees on this small island in the middle of the cove. Watching them stand tall as the sea and salt swirled in around them was rather inspirational.

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