Belated New Year's Post

The story of New Year's Eve is coming very shortly. The reason it has taken this long is because the batteries in my camera had died and I hadn't been able to get the photos off of it. Fortunately, last night I remembered that I had a battery charger and now, with freshly charged batteries, I can put this post together.

It's coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kristin and Doug

I finally found the time to read my e-mails - Kiristin you look incredible!!!! I'm so happy the 2 of you had a wonderful night!!
PLEASE send me copies of those 2 SEXY photos so I can show you off!!
I'd would love the one of you and
Doug together too.
May this year be a terrific one for 2 terrific people that I LOVE!!

Thank you for giving Joey such a wonderful Christmas, that meant so much to me!!

Doug the photos of your Oct bike trip were magnificent - the colors were so striking. I truly enjoyed them.

Take care, stay safe, all my love, Mom xoxoxo