Xbox and Health Care: Diabetes Tool?

As much as I love learning about great new videogames coming down the pipe, I find it even more enjoyable to read about newfound uses for videogame consoles. The following article is from today's Seattle Times. Naturally.

At the University of Washington, Dr. Harold Goldberg has just received a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to bring together academic and business leaders to develop computer "environments" for home-based co-management of chronic diseases.

The twist: They'll be looking at using multiple types of hardware, including Nintendo's GameCubes and Microsoft's Smartphones, along with teen "alpha testers" to see if these popular devices can provide useful platforms for establishing regular interaction between patients and their health-care providers.

"It occurred to us that we need to move beyond the PC alone, to include the game systems with televisions and cellphones that young people prefer," Goldberg said.

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