Forever Waiting

My new computer is due to arrive today via UPS. UPS comes to my house often, as its the shipping service my publisher uses. I know that they never come before 3pm and usually not until 4:30.

And yet I continue to look out the window every 10 minutes anyway. All day. Every 10 minutes.

Nobody has ever accused me of being a patient person. I'm the type of person who, when younger, would wait with their jacket on for friends to come and pick them up. And then, if those friends were late, I would not only repeatedly run to the window to see if they were coming, but I would occasionally start walking in the direction of their house. Even if it was 3 miles away. And, no, I didn't grow up in the 40's and those walks weren't uphill both ways. I would do that in the early 90's. Back when nobody walked anywhere.

Except me.

Good thing it's pouring outside and I have work to do, else I'd be walking...

(runs to window at sound of an engine... nope, just the neighbor backing out of their garage)

... where was I? Oh yeah, good thing it's raining and I'm busy or else I'd be walking to the UPS facility. Wherever it is.


Criscipline said...

No new post off the new 'puter yet?

I have a feeling we may not be seeing you for a little while....and rightly so.

Criscipline said...

Thanks for the message. I'm not entirely sure I have the right e-mail address for you so I figured this would find you there. Enjoy the new 'puter and don't work so hard. Looks like the new computer will eventually take hours off your workload once you're all set up. More time for play and that is so cool.