One Expensive Hot Dog

You know your city is hurting to finally win something of significance when a stadium hot dog is fetching over $7000 on Ebay.

I saw a $70 hamburger on the menu of a Las Vegas restaurant last fall and thought it was the biggest example of luxurious waste there could possibly be. This tops that by two orders of magnitude.

Thanks to Erik Alston for sending me this link: Hot Dog from the NFC Championship!


Criscipline said...

Philly's got a $250 cheesesteak at the most expensive steakhouse, a $1,000 brownie for dessert. (I think a swiss maid in traditional dress makes it while dancing on your table.) Actually, no one knows what's in it that it's $1K and how can we forget the $15,000 martini in NYC that has been on the menu for two years that not one person has bought yet. (It's got a diamond in it.)

Criscipline said...

One more thing, that could be you getting $7,000 now if you had just planned better. Focus, Doug! Stick that hotdog in your pocket next time!

P.S. How would anyone know if you just grabbed a hotdog and posted it now as the same thing? What stops people from doing that? (Other than honesty which is tremendously lacking.)