For Your Aural Pleasure

Last week I was given an opportunity to do two things that I really enjoy doing: talking and talking some more. That's right, I participated in a podcast. I was a guest on the "Colonel T" radio show along with three other people, one of whom is a friend of mine whose wedding I'll be attending next month. Anyway, the topic of the night was videogames and topics ranged from the surprising sales of the Nintendo DS to E3's so-called "booth babe ban" and, of course, the Xbox 360, games we're playing, and games we're looking forward to getting.

Colonel T's audio comes in loud and clear but the voices of the guests (including mine, shockingly) is a bit muted so be sure to turn the volume up.

You can download the radio show in mp3 form at Just right-click the link on the nav bar on the right and save it to your computer.

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Colonel T said...

I still don't know what happened with with the auto-corrected itself slightly toward the end but it's a mystery. If Skype included a recording feature in their software they'd be heroes, but I don't think they want to deal with the legal ramifications of people secretly recording calls.

Anyway, thanks again for being part of the show, Doug. Let's do it again sometime.