Double D'oh!

Ummm... about that post earlier concerning the Mariners and Padres being rivals.

I incorrectly quoted my own book about the Angels being listed as the Mariners other rival. According to the MLB2K7 videogame which I obviously based my listings on, it's the Rangers.

It shouldn't be, mind you. The Rangers are the Untouchables of the AL West and have yet to deserve polite eye contact let alone scorn. The only rival the Rangers have is with pitchers... especially their own. As for the Angels, the Mariners currently have several ex-Angels on their staff, one of whom hates the Angels organization nearly as much as President Bush hates the English language.

But hell, the game/guidebook also lists the Nationals and Royals as being rivals too. I hear it has something to do with a perennial battle for the first pick in the draft.

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