Suffer No More - Air Conditioning!

It's that time of year again. The temps are climbing, work is getting busier, and my west-facing home office is once again transforming into a sauna. Last summer I endured several nights in which the temperature in my office was still above 100-degrees in the middle of the night and no amount of fans helped make it tolerable.

Kristin and I have thought about having a house-fan installed in the attic. We've also considered splurging on having central air conditioning installed. Finances and a desire for a silent fix led us instead to try a portable air conditioning unit. Our neighborhood's bylaws prohibit window units so we opted for an in-room portable air conditioner that exhausts to the outside through small hoses that mount on the windows.

I opted for the Delonghi PAC T-100P which runs at 10,000 BTUs and has a double-hose system to ensure that all water taken from the air is evaporated back outside with no collection tanks to empty. The unit also works as a dehumidifier, a fan, and an air purifier.

A quick Google search revealed that the local big-box stores don't carry this particular model, but the Sylvane store (where I conducted much of my research) not only had it in stock, but was also offering free shipping. Sold!

The cheerful sales associate I dealt with on the phone said it should ship tomorrow and be here next week. I can't wait. It cooled off a bit today, but last night was already starting to get uncomfortable and the ridiculous temperature disparity between my office and the rest of the house was rearing its ugly head once again. Hopefully this air conditioning unit makes working this summer a little less painful than in years past.

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