She's Beautiful

So I was browsing the iTunes store tonight while Kristin was working at her desk across the room and I was talking aloud to myself about John Mayer's new acoustic EP. I was trying to find that song, "You're Beautiful" but I forgot who sang it. I like the song, both for the music, and also because I sing along in an incredibly annoying voice to get under Kristin's skin sometimes (which she says is only slightly more annoying that Blunt's) She doesn't mind when I'm singing along with music, unless I'm doing that voice.

"James Blunt sings that song."

I type in James Blount into the iTunes search box and come up empty. "Does he spell his name B-L-O-U-N-T?"

"No, there's no "O". Just Blunt. As in, 'If you sing that song to me in that voice you do, I'm going to beat you with a blunt object.'


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