Three Links From MJ

Was reading the newest issue of Men's Journal and just have to post links to three things that definitely caught my eye, not all in a good way.

First we have a 14-night mountain bike trip through small-town China. The trip is run in August and October and fetches a very reasonable $1650 per person and includes lodging, meals, bike, transport, and guides.

Next up, and almost as cool although not nearly as worthwhile a purchase, is the Blender Blaster. It's a gas-powered 4-cycle blender complete with a clutch and motorcycle-style throttle controls. Although the top-of-the-line Honda GX model costs $449.00, it'd be a pretty cool thing to have if you entertain outdoors a lot and want a cordless blender. Or if you just have a really small penis and need to compensate with gas-powered toys. I would never spend $449 on a blender, but I do like knowing we live in a world where such things exist.

Lastly, there's a eco-tourism resort in Mexico, 700 miles south of the US border, that operates a 3,000 acre park in which they -- get this -- simulate the thrillof being an illegal immigrant trying to cross the Rio Grande into America. They even have fake border-patrol agents who will chase you and fire guns at you (loaded with blanks, presumably). The link listed in MJ isn't working and a search only reveals a similar article in Harper's, but this was just too weird not to post about.


Maarten said...

That does sound like a cool trip and a really reasonable cost. My only caveat: when travel agents talk about "mountain biking" they mean "riding a mountain bike". No promises, explicit or implied, are to be assumed about the type of route taken. Invariably it's mostly dirt roads and 0% single track. So when you and I read those trip descriptions, we should really read "mellow cycling trip" rather than "mountain biking trip".

RE: blender--wouldn't you prefer this one?

Doug Walsh said...

Very valid point about the bike tours. It's definitely just touring by bicycle and, I imagine, the only reason it's even on a mountain bike is because you're on unpaved roads. Although the pics in the gallery (and the one in MJ) both showed pedaling through rice terraces which would be cool, even if non-technical.

But singletrack or not, it would still beat the socks off one of those bus-tours. Yikes!

As for the blender, that is awesome. Did you take those pics? Looks like the surf cabinas in Baja or perhaps Central America.

Thanks for posting.

Maarten said...

Yeah, I took those pics down in Loreto (=central Baja, Sea of Cortez side). Being the cyclist in the group, everyone insisted I blend the first pitcher, but I'm not sharin' THOSE pictures. :)